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Time-tested, precision tools to handle virtually any woodworking job; from stripping logs, to making shingles, to fine furniture-making and craft work.

  Boot Scraper
Snow & Nealley

  Hudson Bay Camp Axe
Snow & Nealley

  Penobscot Bay Kindling Axe
Snow & Nealley

Snow & Nealley. Available for Hudson Bay Camp Axe and Penobscot Bay Axe.

  Mini Maul
Snow & Nealley

  Mini Maul Sheath
Snow & Nealley

5" inshave. Wood handled.

$49.95  -  OUT OF STOCK

  Draw Knife
10" knife. Wood handled.


  Block Plane
22" wooden block plane. Without iron.


  Cutting Mattocks
Pick head only; U.S. made surplus.


  Pick Mattocks
Pick head only; U.S. made surplus.


  Railroad pick
Pick head only. U.S. made surplus.


  Reefing Tools
Osborne Tool Company reefing tools.
a) 7" iron   $25.00
b) 8" iron   $22.50
c) Reefing hook   $47.50
d) 10" iron   $25.50
e) 6" iron (size 0)   $15.50
f) 5" iron (size 00)   $15.25

  Assorted wrenches

Priced on request.

  Ship spikes 
Square galvanized ship spikes.

Priced on request.

  8" Wheel Brush

Wire wheel brush: $14.95
Twisted wire wheel brush: $14.95

  Sail Needles
Available sizes: 14, 15, 16, 17
Note: Larger number = smaller needle

Pack of 25: $4.50
Box of 100: $17.50


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