The Oldest Marine Chandlery on the West Coast of North American. 
A trusted pioneer in the marine supply industry since 1913. 
"Ask For It, We Have It"

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We stock quality products from A to Z 

A    anchors, acetone, Aladdin lamps and parts, Atlas (marine)
B    belts, blocks, bolts, boots, books, buoys
C    caulking supplies, cleats, charts, chain, cutlery, crabbing gear
D    deck irons, dividers, drills
E    eye bolts, expoxy
F    fasteners, fiberglass, fenders, fids, fishing tackle
G    glue, grappling irons, gudgeons, garden tools, gloves
H    handles, hinges, hooks, hats, housewares
I    impellers, iron pipe & fittings
J    Jabsco products, jack knives
K    knobs, knives
L     lamps, lanterns, lights, lines, locks, log dogs
M   manila rope, marine paints
N    navigation lights, nuts, nautical charts
O    oars, oar locks, oils (for wood)
P    paints, pipe & fittings, pulleys, pumps, propellers, PFD
Q    quality rain gear, quick service, quick links
R    rags, rope, rust-o-leum
S    screws, spikes, staples,ss snaps, shirts, shrimp pots, special orders
T    tackle, thimbles, thinner, teak furniture, tools, twine
U    unions, u-bolts, utensils, upholstery tacks
V    valves, varnish
W    washers,  wicks, wire
X     x-cellent service
Y    yacht paint, bottom paint
Z    zincs, zinc coatings, zinc plated snaps

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