The Oldest Marine Chandlery on the West Coast of North American. 
A trusted pioneer in the marine supply industry since 1913. 
"Ask For It, We Have It"

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Offering the latest marine hardware items along with those special antique treasures.

Staff is knowledge in the marine and hardware industry and provide an invaluable service for store customers. 

The team can answer just about any question a boater or non-boater has. 
Do-it-yourselfers appreciate the local knowledge and great service.

Small-town atmosphere and friendly service

202 Commercial Ave
Anacortes, Washington
Call (360) 293-3014

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

 10AM - 5PM  Sunday

We have a wide selection of Anacortes items including
hats, t-shirts (both short and long sleeved) signs, magnets and more!

We are just a fun and interesting place to
poke around for that unusual treasure. 

We are on the Washington Trust Most Endangered Places list
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Marine Supply & Hardware, still in operation today,

is the oldest chandlery on the west coast of North America.
We continue to supply the needs of boaters and fisherman, both recreational and commercial. 

"Ask For It, We Have It"
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       3 things we hear most often 

​1) I can't find this anywhere and "so & so" told me to come here.

2) I've never seen anything like this store--there's SO Much to look at! 

3) Do you have a thingy with a do-hicky attached to the whatchamacallit for my...?
(By the way we charge extra for anything described as in # 3...not really:)

What people are saying...

​​A museum ? A curio shop ? A marine supply store ? A hardware store ?  A novelty shop ?
Come in and browse, you don't know what you'll find, and you will never see it all.
The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, and patient.

The stuff: sometimes you won't know you need it till after you see it, like a long fiberglass outdoor storage box that now stores 3 sets of oars, misc life-preservers, paddles, fishing poles etc, taking some tangle-foot out of my garage.
If they don't have it, they'll likely take a shot at getting it for you.
How about part of the community since before WWI ?
What I'm saying is, they don't charge admission, and you can BUY a museum piece !

​​Great place to visit, reminisce, or do real business. I was visiting from Alabama and the weather was rainy and cold when I passed by the store. The windows filled with brass propellers, a telescope pointed skyward, and old charts invited me to come in. I stepped inside and was lost in nostalgia, and fascinated with the amount and types of hardware, charts, and rigging. The old wood plank floor moved and creaked beneath my steps. It sounded like the wood deck boards of an old sailing ship. There was even a small library of books about everything nautical. It was a magical find.

MSH is a great place to visit! You can see marine related items and lots of other things that you will not see anywhere else. Also some good memorabilia on the walls through out the store. And most importantly, you can pick up parts for your boat, or ship! Happy 100th birthday. Wishing you another 100 years!

What a quirky, fun place to spend an hour or so poking around. There are so many hidden treasures. The best of all, however, is the shop cat. What a sweet heart!

Always love this place and ALWAYS bring something great home  Brought a friend from Tennessee in this last time and she loved the pace of course!

Anything and everything that you need and can think of, they have.

From Rags to Riches
E. (Efthemios) “Mike” Demopoulos

The History!
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See what the Waggoner Guide wrote about Marine Supply & Hardware!

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